Dynamite Nutrition CATSDynamite Nutrition for Cats (feline)

We highly recommend the “Dynamite” Nutritional product lines from the following vendors for supporting the nutritional needs of cats:

Dynamite® Specialty Products for Cats

Dynamite for Cats

Independent Distributor

As this page is being written, there are four outstanding Dynamite® Specialty products specifically formulated for cats available from Dynamite®. These are:

  • Catazymes®
  • Purrformance™
  • Premium Feline Cat Food
  • Deodorizer

Additionally, there are six other Dynamite® Specialty Products which have proven to be very beneficial for cats as well as other species. See the “Dynamite® Specialty Products Feline Product Line Overview” section below.

To get the most current product information, availability, prices and to order, click the “Dynamite® Specialty Products Shopping Cart” graphic or click HERE and mouse-over “feline” in the left column. A list of current Dynamite® Specialty Products for Cats will drop-down. Click each product for an overview, supplement facts, photos, size options and prices.

Dynamite® Specialty Products Feline Product Line Overview

Dynamite for Cats (FELINE)As this page is being written, the “Feline Product Line Overview” lists and links to the nine supplements thought to be appropriate for cats. Click on the “CATS” graphic or click HERE to advance to that page.

The only product which is not currently listed on the Dynamite® Specialty Products Feline Product Line Overview page is the Deodorizer. This is not a nutritional supplement.


For extreme nutritional support to enhance natural healing, consider Aloe vera inner leaf gel (BiAloe®) and Ganoderma spore powder

Organo Gold®

1/2 capsule per day of OrganoGold Ganoderma lucidum spore powder provides glyconutrient support for cats. Mouse-over the “Nutraceuticals” tab on THIS PAGE.

Alt Med Labs™

Alt Med Labs manufactures a supplement which contains BiAloe®, the best Aloe inner leaf gel extract currently available. Begin with 1/2 capsule per day for cats. Follow these instructions to get a 10% discount off the retail price:

  1. Write down this simple discount code: abcompany
    (NOTE that it is NOT “abccompany” — just abcompany. The eye tends to deceive us on this letter combination for some reason.)
  2. Click this link to learn about APMC 500™.
  3. Add the quantity desired to your cart.
  4. BEFORE proceeding to checkout, enter  abcompany   in the box next to “APPLY PROMO CODE,” then click that box to apply the code.
  5. Note that your order amount becomes reduced by 10%, then continue to checkout.

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